Design by Sharpie (TM).

Stenciling is all the rage these days in the interwebs.  And I'm not taking about the green ivy kind. 

There is Lauren's living room (as seen in the Dec BHG!): 


I love this.  Her husband actually painted it for her.  He deserves a whole lotta love & attention as there is no way in HELL my husband would do something as precise and delicate like that. 

Next, there is Janell's new foyer.  Love this, too. 


And finally, Emily's office.  This might be my favorite pattern.  Well, I don't know... I love it all. 

officeentrynewHOWEVER, yesterday, I found the following.  

Britt  hand-drew her "wallpaper" with a SHARPIE.  Freehand.  All the way. 


I really do like this idea, but I am flooded with questions like:  

  • How did you not jab your eyes out with the Sharpie 15 minutes later in a fit of angst? 
  • Did you get extreme hand palsy like I do with a can of spray paint? 
  • Did you ever break down, get in the fetal position, and cry in the corner chanting IT HURTS!? 

I would love to attempt something like this, but thinking about it just takes me back to the questions listed above. 

Thoughts?  Could you do it?  And, as well as she did? 

[Actually, I did buy a stencil from Michaels but am waiting for that giant dose of motivation (or wine) to do this.]