Shreveport Lovelies

While in Shreveport last week, I soaked in some design lovelies at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  First, I could probably do an entire post about the wallpaper that adorns nearly every wall in their house.  (Please note that before I continue, and possibly mock, my family members were not responsible for the wallpaper -- it came with the house.  In fact, my SIL heaved a heavy sigh and explained that she had no energy for the sheer undertaking involved to remove it.  Some of the paper isn't too bad -- except  for the fact that it covers all four walls of an entire room.  (I am more of an accent-wall-type-girl).  Actually,  some of the prints are geometric and graphic -- those I do like.  However, I can do without the chubby Seraphim and Cherubim gleefully pouring water out of their Grecian vessels. 

Anyhoo, I will post about the amazing new dining room light fixture my fam purchased with the DELIGHTFUL grasscloth ceiling. In fact, my brother said they had extra grasscloth in the garage and that I was free to have it.  However, the Hubby said that it would not make its way into the car.   (, if you are reading this -- please ship it!  SHIP IT NOW!).

Second, is the glorious daybed in the family room.  There was constantly a warm body lounging in this thing.  My mom piped up and said if she had the money, she would buy one for all her children.  How great is she?!

I love how most of the houses in their neighborhood have these fantastic gas-lit lanterns.  I wish I had one!  But then I am sorta freaky about eternal flames...and natural gas.

Also, note the beautiful double doors:

And finally, during a walk around the 'hood, I spied these shutters with these cool iron-hold 'em up-things.   Sigh.  I am sure they would get instantly destroyed by a Ohio winter....