My Dining Room. 90% Done.

Out of all the rooms in my house, I would say the dining room is almost done. Yes, there are tweaks I'd like to make (more on that later), but I have most of the biggies done in terms of paint, furniture, paint, drapes, etc.  I think there will always be that last 10% of layering and tweaking...  

I am currently working on a bar cart that may go under the mirror. However, I'd really love a great sideboard to store my china and any table linens. I am at a loss for what to get and in what finish (no more dark wood!)

The other thing I need to work on is my blue wall. The shelves and frames on either side of the hutch are bugging me. Thoughts? Changes? HELP.

(please ignore the humidifier....)

I even have thoughts about distressing those frames a bit.  Am I crazy?

I probably should have straightened those frames a bit, eh?

The hutch -- it's an antique secretary from my husband's grandma. I love a good antique, but it has to be surrounded by some more modern touches.  You know, like a humidifier.

My little garden stool from TJ Maxx. Love it!

So, there you go.  Can't wait to get the bar cart done and scope out a sideboard.  And, if any of you have some ideas on the blue wall, I'll add those to my to-do list!