Busy with Life.

I've been pretty busy lately.  Family came in to town to celebrate the baptism of my sister's triplets.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the full family photo we wanted.  However, we did manage to capture one photo with Grammy and all but two of her grandchildren

(The 14-year old nephew left and our yet-to-be-born nephew is still in utero).

Spent time with Brothers:

And Big Sisters:

And wonderful godparents!

Went to my goddaughter's 7th birthday party.

Grand Slam LOOOVED bowling. 

Good Form.

It rocks that my BFF's daughter is my goddaughter and my daughter's BFF. Got that?

And, my BFF's son is my son's BFF.  Boy Love.


And, my BFF makes awesome cakes and cupcakes. 

 Plus, she made everyone a bowling shirt. She rocks in all ways.

We've had Jedis battling forces of evil.

We've enjoyed hot cocoa.

We've even done a few crafts.

What we HAVEN'T done is blogged...

Oh well.