Gallery Wall: Part 2. Kids' Playroom

Wow,  9 months later and I finally get to Part 2 of the Gallery Wall series.  I bet the suspense was killing you. So here is a gallery wall, of sorts, in the kids' playroom. 


These ABC cards were from Land of Nod and used to adorn the Nursery.  I never framed them since it would have cost too much and I am cheap.   Instead, I hung them using some 3M Command strips. 


These cards really drove the color of the playroom (which is too messy to show the rest of the room).  Reds, Yellows, Greens, etc.


That's the globe I received when I was 12 so some things have changed a bit in the world.

Plus, I thought I'd share with you these two prints from Gus and Lula.  Love them.

Anyone have a version of Kids' Gallery Walls they'd like to share?

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