Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010, friends!  I am a few days late on posting this, but the words have stewed in my head for the last few days.   The days have been filled with a lovely spa day (I realized that my ADD will only allow me  to relax with 2 services, not 4); a fancy night out with friends; a Rosebowl Victory (Go Bucks!) and spending the very first day in my pajamas....the ENTIRE day. I have thought about my resolutions for a while now.  Usually I just have one -- LOSE WEIGHT.  It's still on my list, but in a different form and with a different focus.

So, here goes:

 Align with the following priorities.  If something doesn't fit, JUST SAY NO.

1. Family

2. Fitness

3. Friends

4. Food

5. Focus

Family:  Of course I need to focus on my entire family, but mainly I mean my kids and husband.  It's not that I don't focus on them, but I don't think I slow down enough to give my kids the full attention they deserve.  Part of this stems from working full-time and then coming home to my second job where a million things need to be completed in a very short amount of time.  Being the type-A personality that I am, it is hard to sit and play Hi-Ho Cheerio while there are stacks of dishes,  piles of  laundry, and tumbleweeds of dog hair blowing by.  But, I have to push those Martha tendencies aside and give my kids the full attention they deserve.

Fitness:  I could have said "Lose Weight" again, but obviously that resolution is getting me nowhere.  In the past few months, I have focused on my fitness goals.  (Weight Training 3x/week & cardio 3x/ week).  Does that always happen?  Nope, but  I feel good if I get 4 sessions in a week.  However, what HAS  happened since I focused on fitness is that the scale didn't necessarily go down, but the compression marks in my gut from my jeans were not as deep. VICTORY!  At this point, I will take it.  

Friends:  There is nothing as better than getting together with my girlfriends.  I have so many special girlfriends in my life...seriously, some of the best women you have ever met.   It's so hard to find time to get together...especially with a few that live 5 minutes away!  This year, I would like to focus on getting together consistently with my friends.  It doesn't have to be anything grand or glam, just TOGETHER.  For those of us that have young kids, coffee on a weekend morning while the kids run around...huh?  Glorious?  Can I get an amen?!

Food:   Ah, food.  Fitness' mortal enemy (well, in my world it is).  My focus on food will be FUEL (is anyone else sensing the alliteration with all the F words?  Well, except for one f-word...that one didn't make the list).  My focus on food will be to view it as fuel that will allow me to do the things I need/want to do.   I had a co-worker ask me why I worked out all the time only to sabotage myself with food. OUCH.  But, she was right.  I make excellent choices most of the time and then ruin it with sugar, baked goods, or any processed food that releases large amounts of dopamine....So, this year, it is food choices that will FUEL my body.

Focus:  This probably should come first in the list, but I will use it last to sum up all the other choices.  FOCUS.  As a full-time working mother, I am the QUEEN of multi-taking.  I usually do about 5 things at once in an effort to squeeze out as many tasks in the least amount of time.  Sometimes  that leaves me with tasks that are about 85% complete, things hidden in places where they don't belong, and a frazzled state of mind.  In 2010, I am going to focus on the task at hand, complete it 100%,  and then move on to the next!  I may even try (gulp) yoga -- a meditative practice that requires mental and physical  focus.  Yoga has always been a little like kryptonite for those of us that have ADD...but my body is kindly asking me to stretch it.

There it goes.  My focus for 2010.  I know I will likely steer off path, but at least I have my thoughts in written form and I can rely on this post now and again to remind me.

What is your focus for the New Year?  Whatever it is, I hope 2010 brings much happiness and many blessings!