Resetting Expectations

It's my birthday today.  And, I am nursing a sinus infection.  Plus, it is cold and snowy.  I took the day off today to relax, do whatever I want, go to a spinning class, etc.  Instead, I grumped around, ran some errands, and punished myself for not feeling well enough to exercise.  I really need to work on resetting my expectations.  Why does everything have to lead to such an accomplishment?!  It doesn't, right?   Then, I read the following on The Nesting Place.  I love it.  It was a definite sign for me today.  I need to embark on SLOW decorating and not feeling like a room has to be 100% complete immediately.  Every blog or decorating book I have read suggests that a room takes time to develop its personality...and it is true.  

So, take a look at the following post.  Reset your expectations and enjoy the evolution...not the revolution!  

Slow Decorating Post - Click Here

PS: I am hoping for a slow evolution of the master bedroom to look a little sumpin' like this:  

My Home Ideas_Cottage Living_4
My Home Ideas_Cottage Living_4