My Ghosts have Arms!

I didn't want to keep you waiting -- especially until I download all my photos.However, thanks to your great input, I got these babies sitting nicely in my room!

Ghost Chair Set of 2

(oh yeah, and the price was about $100 less than what they were originally. High Five for me!)

Please note, at the current time, there are NO clothes hanging on the arms of these chairs.

There are, however, five piles of dirty socks and 2 pairs of trousers on the floor.

Oh, and bits of blood on the painters drop cloth that I keep over my Elton Settee.

The Diva picked a scab. Thank GOD for that drop cloth! I might start drapping them all over the floor since there is a line of blood from her bedroom, to the bathroom, down the stairs, into the Master, and now onto the drop cloth and my million dollar West Elm throw. YAY!