DIY Door Wreath Trio

I wonder if I offended some with my last post?  Crickets. Anyway, I saw this image via Pinterest and loved it.  Wanted to attempt it myself.

Pinned Image


  • 9" (I think) wreaths from Michael's.  I think these are too big.  Next time, I'd go smaller.
  • 4" thick wired ribbon
  • 3 3M Command strips
  • Twist Ties

Of course, you can read how Martha did it, but there was a hammer, nails, and fishing line mentioned and maybe some basic algebra.

Here is what I did:

  1.  Cut the long length of ribbon
  2. Tacked it down with a glue dot
  3. Trim the bottom into a little inverted V
  4. Fake the wrap around -- take more ribbon, wrap it around the top of each wreath and secure with a twist tie
  5. Figure out your spacing (note, I do know that my top wreath is WAY too high.  I was going to fix it on a daily basis for about 2 weeks until I said screw it).
  6. Cut a slit in the long length of ribbon
  7. Adhere your Command strip beneath the slit
  8. Hang your wreaths
  9. Add a topper of some sort to the top wreath
  10. Beat yourself up on your horrible math skills and spacing issues on a daily basis until you just give in to imperfection *
* This step is completely optional

Images here or here