Yuletide Fun

I can't get it together to post all my Christmas decor leading up to and/or ON the day of Christmas.   I'm not that kind of girl. But, here are some highlights of the yuletide season.

Found a great tutorial on how to photograph your Christmas tree.  I tried several times -- this is the best I could do:

I have enjoyed, as of late, printing my own crap at home.  Mostly because it is easier for me and I think that it is cheaper (not totaling the complete FLEECING from Dell on printer ink... ).  The "Naughty or Nice" tag from Brooklyn Limestone was by far my favorite and seemed to be a big hit.

You'll also notice I have the cutting skills of a left-handed kindergartener using right-handed scissors.

Grammy bought the kids a gingerbread set from Target.  No baking.  Pure bliss.   Not sure it is edible, but that beyotch looks GREAT.  Fo Rills.

Artsy attempt at Christmas decor:

Reading on Christmas Eve.  No fighting at this exact moment:

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I am now ready to tear this sh*t down!