Still here.

Long time no post. Been dealing with a nagging sinus issue (remember?).  This time I have not been on any antibiotics.  I go for my physical on Monday so I may try to hold off until then.  Save the co-pay, yo!  I still need to schedule my sinus surgery that was suggested one year ago.  Now the Diva needs her tonsils and adenoids removed so it looks like I may get fixed around 2014.

My day job is crazy busy.  Even when I come home, I still have thoughts, ideas, and issues swirling in my head.

Did my first paid decor gig.  Finally caved in and started my own little side biz.  This was for my friend Shannon's family room.  I hope she liked it!

Note:  I am not recommending a fake ficus.  I was just suggesting some nice greenery.  I need to find a photo of the Fiddle Fig tree....

My last bit of news is that my friend Rita, one of the best photographers I know, is coming on Saturday to snap a few shots for K Wilson Design.   I am starting to feel slightly nervous about the lack of beauty shots and trying to keep the dirty socks, Legos, and other bits and pieces cleaned up and out of sight.  That's a battle I am not sure I can win...

Have a great week, friends.