My Master Bedroom: As finished as possible.

As I type this, I am going on week 4 of chronic pain. What I thought was a sinus infection is actually a tooth/nerve issue from dental work. I had 2 fillings from the early 80's replaced in order to give me a chronic migraine and now a potential root canal. Thanks, Mr. DDS. *sshole. The reason I tell you is to caveat the rest of this post in case words like "*sshole" or "quack" appear suddenly and it appears this was written by an insane person. For those 3 readers that periodically come back to SNM, you know I have been working diligently on the Master bedroom. If I was a good blogger, I would have teased you along with daily snapshots and witty commentary. But now, after maybe 1 tease last summer, I give you: MY BEDROOM.

Full on:

Seating area where I mostly do domestic work like fold laundry:

The bed with my DIY-headboard:

Please don't mention the wrinkles.

Marbled papered prints I bought from here immediately upon seeing them:

Love print by Made By Girl:

Mid Century (free hand-me-down) dresser from the husband's parents:

Lovely antique (?) chest thrifted from a pile of cast-off dorm room furniture:

fun letters:

I'd still like to add some trim to the curtains, add a little more art, and get new nightstands. But for now, this:

is a helluva lot better than this:

or this:

All Photos (except the last 2 really crappy ones) by Rita Finn
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