Feeling the Love in my Master! Wait, what?

Thanks for the all the kind words on my master bedroom reveal.  Sometimes (as you know) it is a little scary to put your creative self out there and see what people will say. Thankfully, I haven't come across any haters out there. I have had some questions about sources so here you go:

1. Ghost Chairs are Lexington Modern -- found on Amazon. If you click on the link below to buy, you will actually help put food on the table for my kids.   :-) I actually bought a set of two for $175 but I can't seem to find that option.

2. Settee - The Elton Settee by West Elm.  I am very protective of this guy. I don't like when dirty dogs or dirty buns get near it. I LOVE IT.

3. Metal letters are from Pottery Barn (I think) circa Y2K.

4. The W is from Urban Outfitters.

5. The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams creamy (a great off-white)

6. The drapes are IKEA RITVAs

Again, thanks! You sure make a girl feel good!  Very excited for all my new followers.

PS: The tooth situation is much better. The nerves were dying a slow death until one Saturday where I drank 3 Martinis just to kill the pain. I actually couldn't get over the fact that 800 mg of Motrin took away the pain after I gave birth (naturally) to 9.5# and 10.3# babies yet would not make a DENT in my tooth pain. Thankfully, the nerves died, I got an emergency root canal, and now I get to go BACK to the dentist for either a filling or a new crown.

I ♥ dental work!