Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

I seem to be on a 6-month posting schedule here. It's to the point that I almost forgot my username and password. I am slowly starting to get out of my decor/project slump but I am still struggling.  Am I the only one who goes through this? Seriously, I want to know. I'm still incredibly busy at my corporate job. And, still trying to manage life as a soccer/swim mom. (Side note, my kids did swim team for the first time this year and NAILED it). The DIVA was her normal competitive self and ended up moving up heats at every meet and went to the Championships on a freestyle relay. Grand Slam did pretty well. That kid has so much natural ability but lacks a little of that competitive sprit! #supercompetitiveproudmama.



Summer has flown by, too.  Swimming, beloved family visits, 21st bday party for my baby-niece (see the AWESOME cake below expertly crafted by my sister...SHE IS MARTHA).   It makes me tired but happy...


Anyhoo, I have a few things I need to finish around the house. Perhaps if I list them here, I may have some sense of accountability! Here goes:

1. Finish Curtains in Diva's room. I need to buy the hardware and sew the pom-pom trim on the panels. PLEASE LET ME FINISH THIS BY DECEMBER 31st!  Here is a sneak peak at her gallery wall:


2. Paint the son's desk and chair. I need to decide on the paint -- I'm tempted to get another quart ($$$$) of the Annie Sloan Chalk paint 3. Repaint my kitchen table.  This sorta stresses me out since it needs to LOOK good and not get all mucked up.  It's a Crate and Barrel pedestal table and it did not stand the test of time.  It's almost like C&B didn't think any food or drink would be placed atop. 4. Prepare for the great basement redo! I am currently rounding up all my options on pinterest so go take a look if you fancy!

I am also itching to start some other projects (paint the dining room) but I am telling myself I can't start anything until I get the other nagging projects done.

I promise to try and write more in the upcoming months.  That is, if there is still that one special reader left?!

Stay gold,