The Project Down Under

Once again, I am almost at that 6-month mark between posts. I know I have explained that my creative mojo has dwindled... but somehow in the mix, I forgot I had a BIG new project in the works.... my basement!

We have waited over 5 years for this project to start and desperately need the space (sleepovers, entertaining, March madness addictions..). The absolutely BEST part is my WORKOUT ROOM! WOOHOO. I really hope this will instantly allow me to shed 25+ pounds.

Here are a few photos to gaze upon (iPhone photos, sorry):

Looking into my WORKOUT ROOM!  The open space in the back is the crawl space.  We are going to have the access on the other side of the basement and build cabinets back into this space.  I can't stand the giant wasted space of a crawl space...

If you want to see some ideas for the workout room, you can check out my pins here. 


This is the view as of yesterday.  When you walk down the stairs, there will be a kitchenette to the left (with plenty of cocktails) and the entertainment zone to the right. Having the drywall up gives you a true sense of how big/small the rooms are but the dust is making me cranky and stabby!


From a design perspective, I really am trying to make it a part of our overall house -- to make it flow.  Keep it consistent.  But I am battling with a very persnickety client who wants a man cave.  I DON'T want this. Not judging... just not me.  I will however, carefully curate the sports paraphernalia and work it into the scheme!   If you want to see some of my basement ideas, check out my board here.

I still need to do a couple of design boards, but I have ONE done for the bathroom.  What do you think?

OB-wilson Basement Bath v2jpg

Hopefully I will have more time and energy to keep these posts going!