Project Down Under: The Beginning.

I am going completely out of order on the basement blog posts, but OH WELL.    That’s what happens when you remember you have a blog about décor/design/DIY midway through a décor/design/DIY project. When we started planning the basement, my husband and I both agreed we wanted to employ an architect.  We wanted to make the space functional while eking out as much useable space as possible.  And since I walk around various houses thinking, “god, didn’t this builder use an architect?!”  (sometimes I just think there is the goofiest mis-use of space or a randomly placed window/door, etc.)   I thought I would practice what I preach.

Our architect took our vision and just sort of tweaked it and made a few recommendations. (by the way, if you are local, I highly recommend our architect!  You can find her here.)

Here is the original plan:


However, when we moved a bunch of giant piles of crap, our contractor noticed a few pipes and made a recommendation to flip the kitchenette and TV zone to save us money on plumbing.  I think it all worked out for the best.

On one side, we have the “entertainment zone” that will someday house my husband’s 10000000” flat screen TV.    There will be cabinets on either side with shelving on top

basement cabs

The plan is to remove the front panels on the cabinet doors and install screening such as this so that the electronics can “breath.”

The cabinet on the right hand side will actually be modified a bit to house our sump pump.  Speaking of that, we also installed a back-up system after a near disaster after the great thaw of 2014.  We will still add the screen to the front, but NOT remove the panel so that it will muffle the noise.

On the other side we have the kitchenette .


We opted out of the typical stand-behind bar set-up as we didn’t want anything so permanent and wanted some flexibility with the space.    This is where I feel very self-indulgent when I start describing our plan.  First, I need a double oven.  That “need” may only happen 3-4 times a year, but I still “need” it.  We could have modified our kitchen to include the second oven, but thought it would be easier to add it to the basement as we were starting from scratch.  Above the oven will go a microwave that we already own.   The original plan was to add a dishwasher drawer instead of a full sized dishwasher.  But, this would increase the cost of the cabinets since they would need to be custom.

Fortunately, we have a very nice stainless steel fridge in the garage that we can move downstairs…otherwise, I’m almost penniless with the construction and other appliances!

That's it for now.  More to come!