Project Down Under: Kitchenette Cabinets

We are making a lot of progress on the basement.  She is  slooow but steady.  I can't wait for the FUN part of actually decorating this place. Here is the kitchenette from a few weeks ago -- I need to update it with my favorite new lighting over the sink.  I'll tease you along and make you wait for more.


Due to Uncle Sam and his greedy taxes, we may have to do a Phase 2 for the appliances.  #highwayrobbery

Also, I am PROUD to say I finished the whole30 program today and I feel pretty damn good.  30 days without peanut butter is a sacrifice but I did it.  I am 10# down and haven't had a stomachache in... guess.  Yep, 30 days.  I am actually going to do a semi-Whole 45 and introduce a little PB back into my life and see what happens.

PS, does anyone even READ this blog anymore?  Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself.  Give a lady a shout-out if you read this post.  :)