Project Down Under: Bathroom Process

I really stink at the bits and pieces posts, but oh well.  We are down to the 10-15% of the basement -- that portion that seems to take a REALLY long time.   I need to break out the big girl camera and take some shots! The one room I haven't mentioned yet is the full bath.  We wanted to put a full bathroom in for guests that may camp out in the basement.   It turned out to be a REALLY large room so there is plenty of space to toss an air mattress down in the corner for those last minute guests.

Here is a really bad sneak peak at the floor and vanity.  It is really hard to get a decent photo with the lack of light in the back hallway.  I did turn on my (favorite) sconces, but they were too bright.  I will figure this out!


One of the hardest decisions was the sink/vanity.  I wanted a pedestal sink, but the husband wanted a vanity for storage (we have a giant space off to the left that will either be a closet or cabinets and shelves).  As you can see, he won.  There weren't a lot of choices out there that I liked and that were under $1.5 million and I had to be reminded again ("it's our basement").

So, for the bathroom, we still need:

  • Working faucet
  • Shower walls
  • Finish caulking around the shower
  • Shower head and dial installed
  • Towel hardware
  • Decor!

Stay tuned.