Ch Ch Changes

You know you don't write often when you forget your password... I looked at the last post and it was about my One-Room Challenge I tried to initiate - and failed!  Oh well.  The room is actually almost done; I just couldn't do it in 6 weeks.

A lot going around over here.

1. I made a company change after a 12-year stint at my last one.  Moved to an even larger Fortune-25 company.  Despite the fact it's larger, the culture is a complete change for the better.  However, it's hard to make such a jump when I look back at the fact that I had so many milestones at the last gig: got married, had two kids,  lost my father, and lost a co-worker.  Looking back, I can't believe how emotionally invested I was while working there - between how much the work and culture affected me to the fact that some of my closest friends worked along side of me.  It's been a weird transition, but I know it is for the better.


2. I lost my sweet sweet puppy last week.

romy and bob 2009

Again, 12.5 years.  The decision to give him peace is one I am still wrestling with.  Was it too soon?  That's what I keep asking myself.  But, I try to think about how he lay awake at night to gnaw at his poor paws, how sad he looked when he went potty in the house (and probably didn't know it at the time), and how his personality just started to slip away.  He was my constant shadow and loved his mama unconditionally.  I'm crying as I write this so I need to jump to #3.

3. My house.  It's a disaster.  Between half-attempted projects, recovering from a lice incident last fall and now a little issue my husband brought back with him from his many hotel stays... I can't take it.  I've had to cancel a couple of entertaining events and it makes me sad.  I looked around the other day at all the "stuff" that needs to be dusted, cleaned, dried, and steamed and nearly lost it.  I can't win the battle between the side of myself that wants to "create" and build a lovely house and the side that says "SIMPLIFY."  Right now, out of necessity, the SIMPLIFY side is winning.    My friend Rita came over the other day and said "you need to turn this creative energy over to helping others."  She's right.  I think it will release the pent-up energy while allowing me to pare down on this place and focus.

Here is a pic of our almost-finished-basement.  We are getting a new rug as that one makes my eyes bleed.


And my husband's pride and joy:

IMG_0002So that's it.  Entering the final weeks of 2014 ready to simplify and sanitize.  2015 will be focused on exercise and creative release -- NOT the accumulation of stuff -- and stress!

Happy Holidays to all of you.