DIY Lovelies

I am so amazed at the DIY-ers there are out in blog land.   I will go online to search one simple thing and HOURS later,  I awake from this blacked-out state not knowing what sites I have been to or where my kids are, but DAMN do I have some good ideas.  Which, of course,  just perpetuates my sense of anxiety and steals my focus.  Anyhoo, if you are in the craft/sewing/creating mood, check out DIY day at a Soft Place to Land.  I added the link to my little monogrammed frame that my sister-in-law claims to love (ha!) for a little DIY par-tay over there touting her new sponsor,     I need to check out that site and see if, in fact, it lives up to its name.   I like to look at all the little sewing projects that people claim are easy.  If I don't end up stabbing my sewing machine with sharp shearers or tossing the bobbin across the room then I would chalk it up as easy/a success.   I am going to learn to love that machine, damn it!