Babes in Toyland

So yesterday I talked about my submergence into blogland... a place where I feel elated, creative, inspired,  inadequate, and incredibly unfocused --  all in one fell swoop. Then, I read this post about organizing and storing kids toys;  specifically the line that says "[Too many toys] can have negative effects on kids' psyches. For toddlers and preschoolers, an overload of playthings can be overwhelming and distracting."    ANALOGY:  Our playroom is to my kids what my Google Blog Reader is to me.  There are too many delicious and colorful tidbits out there and we all get distracted.

So,  GAME ON.  Tonight I am going home and to find 3 things they don't play with and moving them to the basement or under a bed.  And I will continue this rotation until it seems that we are less distracted (how nebulous is that?!). 

PS -- Company Kids has storage as well.  I have a couple of their units.  However, never underestimate the value of spray painting Folgers coffee cans and placing a binder label on them.  True, the kids' Foamies and Felt scraps may smell like your neighbor's stale coffee breath, but consider the alternative.  

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