A Real Life Cleaning Schedule

Ok:  I really do like cleaning.  I do.  It's cathartic.  However, I don't have the TIME to clean (I know what you're thinking..."BUT you do have time to blog?")  Well, that's also cathartic.     


Here is the issue.  One big house, 2 young kids, 1 busy husband, 1 ADD mother, and one dog who was genetically bred to lose 75% of his hair per day (Lab) = the mother lode of cleaning.

I have tried all kids of cleaning products -- Swiffer, Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, Mrs Meyer, the Method, Hoover Floormate, etc.  I have tried different cleaning systems: Go room by room/top to bottom or Windex the entire house, then dust the entire house, etc.     

Truly, the best solution to date is just to hire a cleaning ladyYep, works every time.  I had one after I had the Diva and it was glorious -- despite the childcare advice she gave me -- that was annoying.  We had to give it up when I was pregnant with Grand Slam (great timing, eh?) in order to hand over the pound of flesh to the daycare.   Flash forward to the new, bigger house and we started up again with a cleaning service -- only to be affected by the Great Recession of 2009 plus skyrocketing property taxes.     

Coming home to a fully cleaned house is a feeling I can't describe.  After the shock wears off, I find myself sprawled out on the dog-hair-free carpet doing a snow angel-like movement.  I think it is a feeling that no amount of Xanax, Prozac, or Celexa could achieve -- at least that is what I am assuming.  And for a mere 10 minutes, before it gets destroyed again, there is an inner peace that is unlike anything....     

Seeing dirty toilets, overflowing trash cans, and sippy cups in a multitude of places always creates a feeling that also can't  be described -- one I am sure could be tempered by Prozac.     

And that is where this list comes in.  I found this on Home Sanctuary and might give it a whirl.  The cool thing is that there is one method for Working Moms and one for Stay-at-Home moms.  If you work part-time, well...take a mix of both.      

Do you have a method that works for you?  Do you love to clean?  It you like to clean and you are willing to do it for free (you know, for the therapy it provides). then come on over!