Closet Organization

I am sure some of you have "Get Organized" as part of your New Year's Resolutions.  I think this must top the list for half the nation considering every January issue of our fav magazines scream out various ways to get organized. One of my daily reads, Pure Style Home, is showcasing various organization projects on a weekly basis.  Currently, it is closet organization.  Now, truth be told, I am pretty damn good at closet organization (well, some rooms more than others).  Here I am going to showcase my back hall closet.

A Real Simple trick: Hang up a shoe organizer on the back of your door to corral mittens, scarves, hats, etc.  This little baby rocks. 

If you have wee ones, hang hooks at wee-one level so there is no excuse for them to leave coats & backpacks on the floor, chairs, near the name it.  We are training the Diva and Grand Slam to hang their coats and backpacks on the hooks as SOON as they enter from the garage.  Does it always work?   Nope, but no one turns into Martha overnight.

Shoes.  Oh shoes...Grab a basket and toss it on the floor.  I tried a nice shoe rack from the Container Store (see below), but that requires placing the shoes just right on the contraption.  We do better at tossing them into a basket.  Less precision =  better results.

Less Precision:

More Precision:

Addendum:  Yes, this keeps us organized.  As long as the coats, shoes and mittens make it into this zone, we are prepared.  And that does happen a majority of the time.  Now, on another note....does this make the weekday morning routine any easier? I don't know.  I still find myself chanting "put your shoes on please.  Put Your Shoes On Please.  PUT YOUR SHOES ON NOW!" despite that fact that all shoes are coralled into a pretty little basket.  The same goes with coats....they are hanging nicely, but getting them ON the kids is a different story.  If I could find a way for this nice tidy closet to keep large levels of Cortisol from shooting through my system Monday - Friday morning, I will let you know.