Big Boy Bed

Do the words BIG BOY remind you of a Brawny Lad and this guy?

It does to me.

Anyway, this is about MY big boy (who doesn't wear overalls since he is man-boy).  I am slowly closing in on a complete Big Boy Room, but not ready for the full reveal.  I did order the Deer Head, but so far it just looks like this:

This post is about his big boy bed.  We knew we had to get a double bed versus a twin bed since this guy is predicted to be 6'4" when he is fully grown and the Husband (also 6'4") said that he had to sleep with his legs hanging from his twin bed.  I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new bed (whoops, let me rephrase, we really had NO money to spend...). So I went looking for a frugal find that I could dress up.  The Husband wanted a red bed....I felt like I owed him at least ONE thing since I make 99.999999% of the design decisions. 

I went to my online WANT ADS at work, posted that I was looking for a wooden double bed, and got a response on this:

Done. Thank you.  $50 later....

My co-worker had already tried to "paint"  it white  so she gave me a decent head-start.  I sanded it, primed it with SW PrepRite  and pained it SW Antique Red.  Now, at first, it looked orangy-pinky-red.  NOT GOOD for a little boy's room.  But after the second coat dried completely, it looked fine.  Here is a sneak peek! 

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