Luminaria 101

I am a dichotomy.   I should have been a Gemini.  There are always two sides of my personality.  One, I love a bargain.  LOOOOOVE a bargain.  And I can be cheap.  Two, there are certain things you should NEVER go cheap on....trousers, couches, and childcare.  So I usually bargain with myself and buy expensive things on sale (except for the childcare). That was a long-winded introduction just to say that I am cheap and will re-use tin cans.

In comes the luminaria.  Could I have purchased the paper bag version at Target?   Yup.  Could I have made these out of milk jugs?  Well, yes...but that certainly isn't as Martha as a tin can.   So, I ask the childcare facility to "donate" 8 of their largest tin cans  have and...voila, I am on my way to a  handcrafted luminaria.

Easy Steps:

  1. Get large tin cans
  2.  Clean them out & rip off labels
  3. Fill them 2/3 of the way with water and freeze (helps maintain the shape)
  4. Search for whatever image you want on Google (I used Stars and Snowflakes) and print said images out on paper
  5. Ask a professional or qualified individual  to punch out or drill the shape (i.e. The Husband.)
  6. Ask your child to find heavy rocks to place inside
  7. Put a candle in.
  8. Light the candle and hope to hell the wind doesn't blow it out.