They like me! They Really LIKE ME!

I am in blogger heaven... One of my fav bloggers/blogs, Lauren @ Pure Style Home,  actually mentioned me in her post.   It was about my closet organization featured here.

I was as giddy as a school girl!

But then I saw another closet that had red check paper...and then paisley paper.  And I started to sweat.  Shit, my bare-ass construction-white flat ugly scuffed walls need paint -- STAT!  What do I do?  Should I clear out everything and paint with whatever I have on hand?  Do I stencil?  HELP!

And then I thought:  Um, remember the title of your blog.  Remember that you work full-time at a pretty demanding job.  Remember that you have two kids and a husband...and a needy dog.  And right then and there, I reset my expectations....

But then I sorta would like to hang a little frame o' happiness in there....maybe this?