Painting with Wee Ones

Here is a little post about arts & crafts at the SNM household.  Now, full disclaimer here:  I like to be creative and I like to instill that into my children.  Truth.  Another truth:  I am anal-retentive and get REALLY nervous when kid-stuff can splatter, stain, etc.  Point in case -- Playdough.  I HATE Playdough. It is messy and crumbly and I have to dig it out of my woven kitchen chairs with a toothpick lest any guest  leave the house with a chartreuse worm stuck to their backside.  I have decided that Playdough is best as a summer activity outdoors (although I swear, I still find it in the grass...which still seems annoying).

WHEW.  Ok, so we painted last weekend.  Grand Slam was a temperamental little artiste because I wouldn't let him create with his medium of choice (lumps of paint in water). 


The Diva started out pretty happy with her Rainbow


but then turned into her perfectionist self when it came time to the tiger.  Now, I don't have a picture of the tiger -- but I need to take it and post it.  Seriously, it is Van Gogh at 5 years old.  She didn't make a single circle or outline and then fill it in as most 5 yr olds would....she actually only used brush strokes of brown and orange -- I kid you not!

Do you have any advice on making family craft time less stressful?  I would love to hear it!