Ubberhaus = Ubber Delish

Sshhhh.  Do you hear that?  Listen.  Hear the Decor angels singing loudly from the heavens?Well, they are.  They are singing the praises of UbberHaus in Dublin, Ohio.  

My pal Mandy and I met there last Sunday for a little shopping fun.  I arrived ahead of Mandy and did a quick once over.  By the time she got there I was breathless with delight and had already started a mini-pile behind the counter!

Frames for $3.00 you say?  Yes, yes indeed.

A bench that is ugly and oak-y, but could be painted in a myriad of delicious colors for $45?  Yes, once again.

A Country-French type chair that gets me a little closer to this:

for a little less of this:

($75?).  YES, she cried!  (Sorry).

That doesn't count all the little trays, urns, and other tschotzes....

Mandy was equally impressed.  She scored 3 identical frames, another large frame, a giant gold mirror with lots of cool detail, an urn, and 2 chunky candlestick pillars -- all for under $50! Plus, the best part of shopping with Mandy is that she is a Mathematical Savant.  When something was 80% off, I could tell her the list price and in a mere sixtieth of a second, she could compute the final price like freaking Rain Man.  I loved it.

Needless to say, Mandy and I are now planning a monthly trip.

So, if you are in the greater Columbus area and looking for some new loot, check it out -- you won't be disappointed.  There is a ton of great, clean stuff (that doesn't smell like moth balls or cat piss like some of the Goodwill stuff).


OHHHHH, and...one more thing.  Check back please because I am going to post my Master Bedroom Mood board soon and I need some input on what COLOR to paint the ugly oak-y bench!