Ode to Anne Turner Carroll - Part 1

I mentioned Anne Turner Carroll ("ATC"  for quicker typing!)  here.  But found a post about her here yesterday that reminded me how much I LOVE her kitchen & dining room.      She is my Idol.  Every time I opened my issue of Cottage Living and fell in love at first sight with a room, it always seemed to be produced & styled by ATC.  She is now at Southern Living so I am debating getting a subscription.  However, I think my SIL gets this so... if she is ever looking to unload...(ahem).     

Anyway, the story of her kitchen will forever be burnt into my memory.  It is pure genius and very do-able for a DIY kitchen re-do.     

Check out the neutral-ish gray/green on the lower cabinets with the fresh white paint on the uppers.  Noticed how she moved her cabinets UP to the ceiling and added some molding to conceal the edges -- brilliant use of space versus that useless space where people feel compelled to put fake ivy.     


Also, note the new shelf underneath for every storage.  Gorge!  AND,  the interesting placement of her hardware on the cabinets.  Very unique.     


I think my favorite view  is from the dining room.     


Yes, breath it all in....     

This one goes out to my friend, Michelle, who is contemplating a kitchen redo!  Enjoy!