I stumbled upon this blog, NieNie Dialogues.  Then I read Stephanie Nielsen's (NieNie) story here.

And while I sat here and cursed the snow that was falling outside my window, I cried endlessly at her story.  It renders me speechless.  And then I start to think about all the shit that worries me.  Turns out, they are all BLESSINGS:

1. I am lucky ONLY to have a scar above my lip from skin cancer and stretch marks on my stomach.   My scars aren't noticeable and they don't cause me agonizing pain.

2. I am thankful that when my kids want to sit on my lap all the time or lay on top of me, it truly doesn't hurt. And now, I welcome it.

3. I will never be a size 6.  Ever.  But I am strong and healthy and can hug my husband and tickle my children without wincing in pain.

4. I know I will still fret about dirty laundry, dishes piled high, looming work deadlines, and the guilt of a working mother...but if that is all I have to worry about, than I am truly blessed.