Oh Sew Bad...

Ok, I need honesty here.  I made the following for a friend of mine for Christmas (the friend shall remain nameless as to not ruin the surprise...although,  wait...I may be the only person reading this blog...). Anyhoo, she (obviously) has an initial that starts with S.  I found the letter fabric, some complementary fabric, sewed a little, and plopped it into this frame.  However:

 1. I suck at sewing.  REALLY suck.  If I could bitch slap the sewing machine, I would.  I set it on level 5 per the manual and it gave me these really bunched up thick threads. Then, it started to eat the nice green fabric.

2. I must have a heavy trigger finger because the spray adhesive came out with a great force and soaked through the fabric making it look a tad dirty.  Plus, it was hard to flatten the half-eaten fabric.

So, do I embarrass myself and give this to my friend?  A friend who, by the way, is so damn sweet she would never say anything and would most likely feel compelled to display this piece of sh*t?

Please advise.  Give?  Or keep for my son, Grand Slam?