Easy & Cheap DIY Art

I really don't like "themes" for kids' rooms.  Disney Characters (yuck), trains (yawn), Diego (estúpido)...I don't know, maybe it's just me. I prefer to choose a "concept." And for Grand Slam's big boy room, my concept was a mix of colors: Brown, Red, Creams, and a lime-y green.  For cheap inexpensive art, I found some scrapbook paper that had some of the colors I wanted to showcase  plus some fun geometric shapes.  I thought, mmm...maybe I can find some frames to fit these.  Lo and behold Michael's actually sells 12 x 12 frames for the very purpose of framing your fav scrapbook page! Who knew?

I bought 9 frames, tirelessly placed the paper in said frames and VOILA.  (Note: measurement of the grid and hammering into the wall were  completed by the Hubby).  Notice I have some patterns that repeat....I couldn't find 9 unique papers that I liked so I doubled up; however, at the time of this post, there are 4 more new pages sitting in a bag somewhere waiting to make their way up on the wall.

Also, don't go to Pottery Barn or Land of Nod for letters -- go to Michael's and pick up some paper mache letter (maybe $.99 each?).  Slap on some acrylic paint -- and there you go.

Can I boast about the little printing block Z?  I picked up a couple of these old printing blocks at my dream shop, Bloomsbury Loft (a MUST visit if you are in the hood). It's the first letter of Grand Slam's middle name and I love how it breaks up the other letters.

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