Any Excuse to Throw a Party...

Unfortunately, I have not only passed on the dry skin gene to my son, but also the ill-fated astigmatism.   Grand Slam now has glasses.  Yep, a 3-year-old with glasses.   I'm sorry, let me rephrase:  a 3-year-old BOY with glasses.  Imagine, if you will, the fights to wear them and the number of pairs that will get lost or broken.  My mom, who also raised a very young boy with glasses, told me that she once ran over a lost pair with the lawnmower.  Sigh.

So, after the Optician told us to get really excited and make a big deal of the new specs, I decided, HEY - a party!  We invited some of our family members over and they all obliged by wearing their glasses (those with 20/20 vision wore sunglasses).

I got out the old glue gun and created this pair of specs to sit on top of the poorly decorated cake:


And here is the little man, with his spectacles on, admiring his cake.  He was very excited!


So far so good with the specs...keep praying for us.