Shes.No.Martha...or is she?

I can't believe I forgot to post about the fact that I WON a contest last week. want to know what it was?  On Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius 112), they had a daily giveaway to see "How Martha Were You" over the weekend. Yes, oh yes...I had channeled my inner Martha like you wouldn't believe.   I drove my husband's car that day (He has Sirius, I have XM).  I listened to the rules, contemplated my productivity and did it...I called in. The host, Betsy, and I discussed the merits of Columbus, Ohio for a bit for her upcoming trip, and then I launched into my list: 

  1. Made heart-shaped pancakes made with my wonderful Williams-Sonoma Pancake pen
  2. Worked on a little sewing project for my god-daughter's birthday (to be posted soon!)
  3. Finished several organization projects
  4. Handcrafted a pair of glasses for the "Glasses Party"
  5. Baked a cake and cupcakes for the above "Glasses Party"
  6. Made Homemade Chicken Mac & Cheese

 I thought I would seal the deal with the Glasses Party.  I mean c'mon -- sympathy points for having to get a 3-yr old boy to wear glasses?!? 

And, about 5 hours later, I got the call - I WON!!!!  And, the prize?  A coffee mug.  Yep - how freakin' non-Martha is that?  How about a signed copy of a book?  A hand-crocheted coaster? 

What do YOU think would have been a more suitable Martha-esque prize?