DIY Frame for Hair Barrettes

Over Christmas, I went shopping with my sisters & mom and we stopped at this cute little boutique in Shreveport. They had amazing clothes, gifts and art for children — you know, Beatles T-shirts for $1.2 million dollars and the such. I saw a frame with ribbons attached for the purpose of managing one of the many banes of my existence…little girl hair accessories. This cute frame came in at a whopping $70. You could even see the batting on the back, which made me guess it was homemade. Just like my mom, I uttered the motto of most cheapskates: “I could do that!”

And, I did. Here is my version, lovingly made for my goddaughter Isabella.


1. Take a cheap frame — perhaps one where the glass broke 2. Grab some batting 3. Grab some fabric 4. Grab your stapler gun 5. Cut the batting to the same size as the frame back (I didn’t do this on mine and wish I had as there was a lot of bulk to wrap around the frame). Stick it on with spray adhesive or fabric glue. 6. Cut your fabric about an 1″ bigger than the frame back. Wrap it around and staple that bad boy (save the corners for last and do some nice folded hospital corners) 7. Align your ribbon and staple away 8. Plop it back it 9. Have your wee one stick her barrettes on it 10. Sit back, drink some wine, and enjoy


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