Circus Banners!

I have put off writing this post -- mostly because I started off snapping lots of photos with the intention of making this into a tutorial.  See, I read a lot of blogs -- many of which have intense photojournalistic-style tutorials filled with photos and in-depth text and what not.  Here's the sitch: for some,  the blog is their JOB. So they have time to do that sh*t.  I don't.  So, I constantly try to keep up with these professionals only to have my corporate job, my life, AND my ADD get in the way. Sorry for the therapy outbreak.

Circus Banners!  This how-to is really courtesy of my gals at Bloomsbury Loft.  My sister and I attended a class there and made our own little banners.  I decided to make one for my god-daughter Isabella for her NEW room and her 6th birthday.   So, here is my 30-second tutorial (after the 5 minute therapy session). Note: there are a lot of photos and first...and then NONE.  You may have to use your imagination!

1. Gather your fabric.  Mix it up, sisters -- they don't have to match perfectly!


2. Get some "Double Wide Bias Tape" in whatever color you choose

3. Make yourself a template out of a rigid material (cardboard).  I had 2 triangles from my class: one was 9" and the other was 5".  If you ask me if it was an isosceles, acute, or obtuse triangle, I don't know.  Let's move on.

4. Cut out your triangles and coordinate your patterns.  Again, mix it up!


5. Pin the smaller triangle to the larger one

6. Unfold the bias tape and pin your triangles inside.  Note, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TUCKED UP AS FAR AS POSSIBLE IN THE BIAS TAPE!  Including the CORNERS!  I learned this the hard way after I sewed everything and the corners slipped out and the smaller triangles came loose. 

7. Sew along the bias tape -- I would do this as close to the bottom edge as possible. 

8. Make a little loop at each end of the bias tape as sew it together.

9. Email me if you need more info.


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