And the Trophy Goes to...

Cottage Living, Idea House 2008.  I see this room with the white glossy spray-painted trophies and think it is quirky, but it sticks in my brain 2 years later (which is a FEAT considering I can't remember my gym locker combination after a 45-minute spinning class). ideahouse08 by Eva Rees.

ideahouse05 by Eva Rees.

See the trophies? 

Flash Forward, Winter 2010.  Nearly every day, I look at my son's shelves and determine something is NOT right with the miscellaneous crap thrown up there including a lot of baby blue items given to us post-birth.  Something was missing.  Something needed to be red.  Cue:  Cottage Living image.  Enter:  9  trophies for $5 (via my want ads at work).

 Slap on some red spray-paint and...Voila:


Now, there is an entire back story to this...the kid loves trophies.  I give out invisible trophies all the time to the kids for inducing various behaviours (and they FALL for it!).

$5 spray painted trophies-cum-art.  Who knew?

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