Random Observations on a Sunday Afternoon

Today's random observations with a sprinkling of advice: 1.  Dog Hair knows no boundaries.  You will find it in the most obscure places ... places the dog has NEVER been.

2. You should have a plunger ready at the helm in every single bathroom.  Yes, it looks best in the garage, but the timing of the run back and forth can be disastrous.

3. It's sad when your kids can decipher the types of your yells.   I yelped and Grand Slam (who was in another room), said, "Charley-foot, Mommy?"  Good guess on the charley horse, but it was a back spasm this time.

4. The upstairs of my house is 100% clean.  This is where the kids live.  Do you see the irony?

5. Dark Chocolate brownies for breakfast are not a good choice.

6. Always check the bathtub for half-filled sippy cups.  Makes sense, no?

Hope you are having a great weekend! 

 Here are some random shots of my rock-n-rollers: