Master Bath Envy.

Most of the time, it is about the journey and NOT the destination.  But in this's all destination, baby.  I don't know how I got there, but I am glad I arrived.          I stumbled upon the newly designed bathroom from Rachel at Southern ExposureCheck it out.       



The best thing about it has to be that it looks SO high-end, but in reality, Rachel appears to be a bargain huntress.  It's all about vision!       

 Mirrors from a thrift store -- beautifully painted by Rachel.       



The side table from Target that I gently rub every time I am there, but always leave it behind...   

(I think they are gone now... DAMN).     


DIY Artwork from a calendar. Love it.       


Plus, she used a pendant from CX Designs!  Covet!  Remember when I drooled here?       


I liked her post about being a Big Lots snob.  I can subscribe to this thinking.  I even mocked my mother several times for being a BL devotee.  But after reading this post, I am so there.  Perhaps it is only HER BL that has this great merch, but nevertheless...I am headed out today! She found this great garden stool for only $20 and painted it!      


Also, check out this wooden/stick-like bowl:      


I would have walked right past this, but seeing how she used it along side of some other natural pieces completely makes sense.        

So, PLEASE run over to Southern Exposure to check out some of Rachel's great work.    

This bathroom is one of my all time favorites.