Coming up for air

I feel like a bad, bad blogger.  I have been absent.  But, I think a lot about you guys gals... I swear. May was crazy.  I had my niece's graduation, the Diva's (kindergarten) graduation, 2 business trips (one that demands its own post) , and lots and lots of projects that are 70% complete.

I am closing in on the guest room redo!  I am wrapping up the dresser tonight  which I HOPE will be complete before my niece lugs all her clothes up here on Monday.   I am also debating on painting the chandelier that will hang in there...

For reference:  here is what I was striving for --


I bought the Molnig chandy at Ikea. 



 Thoughts on paint?  Leave it black?  Paint it glossy white?  Spray paint a metallic? 

PLEASE just tell me what to do...I need extra brain power.

I also scored these little tidbits on my Ikea rendezvous as well:


More to come on what I am doing with the lazy Susan!