Guest Room Dresser Makeover

I am not 100% done with the guest room.  I still have the art wall to finish and the painting of the chandy. However, I can share the dresser makeover! Woo Hoo! The piece came via the WANT ADs at work.  I actually have a "dealer" there who sold me Grand Slam's bed.   Here is a picture of the before taken with her phone:

And After!

I sanded it down to pretty much the bare wood (the sander is my new favorite tool).  I applied one coat of primer, three coats of Martha Stewart's Bakery Box White (lesson: don't use a gray primer with a light paint!).  Then, I finished it off with three coats of poly acrylic.

I spray painted the original hardware in a hammered bronze, but couldn't get past the colonial shape.  So, I just picked up a few of these art-deco/South Beach knobs at HD.

Here it sits with my $2.50 Bamboo tray on top (Goodwill find!) and some storage boxes from IKEA.

And my favorite...the $29 mirror from Home Goods.  Rock it.

Only 3, 486 more projects to go. wooo hoooooooo.....