Menage a Trois

Original translation: "household of three."

See this beautiful lass?

This is my youngest sister Beth  (sometimes called Eddie).  2009 was a tough year for Beth and her husband: a house that didn't sell as well as two painful losses while trying to grow their family.  I told her 2010 would be different -- and better.   This spring, her house went under contract and best of all she was pregnant.   It was already turning out to be a great year.

April 1, 2010.  April Fools Day.  I get a phone call from Beth and she is hysterical.  I can't even understand what she is saying but I am fearing the worst knowing that she had just left her Doctor's office.   It sounds like she is speaking in tongues and all I can understand is "three".   I have to keep saying,  "Honey, I can't understand what you are saying."   Again, I make out the word "three".   Finally, it hits me.  "Beth, are you saying they heard three heartbeats?"  YES.

Triplets, my friends.

That's why I was so stressed out here and here.  My days were consumed with stressing, worrying, and fretting over my sister's state of mind.  I kicked into my stress mode which entails throwing out 101 ideas on how to fix the situation.  Solutions.  Ideas.  Remedies.  I couldn't help no matter what.  There was nothing I could do or say to help my baby sister get through this huge, emotional, and  life-altering news.  I don't deal well with helplessness.

3 days after the triplet reveal, her house fell out of contract.  This only made Beth's state of mind worse.  

But here we are in June.  Beth moved into her new fantastic house -- a perfect amount of  space for 4 kids.  Her neighbors have already introduced themselves, brought food, and help.   Although she tires easy and is dealing with the big tummy, her health is in great shape.  She has really good days and not-so-good days, but she seems like a much happier person.  People are coming out of the woodwork to help and I have already seen a big difference from the normally introverted Eddie to a more stalwart woman.

I had a baby shower for her yesterday.   I had a lot of fun planning it and wish I had more pictures to show you of the fun stuff. 

But the best part was seeing all these amazing people support my beautiful sister and how much it touched Beth.   I personally can't even express how thankful I am for Angie, Nikki, Amy, Katrina, Rachel, Jessica and Chrissy for being such great friends.

I love you,  Beth.  This is going to be a hard yet rewarding experience. 

And I can't WAIT to meet blessings A,B, and C.