Have you seen this product? U by Kotex?

Colored Tampons....the site even says "Ohh, it comes in my color."  REALLY?   Um, nice marketing innovation, Kimberly-Clark. 

I mean, I am all for self-expression, but will I really feel more empowered or more like myself because I get to choose a magenta tampon to sop up bloody matter versus resorting to a boring old white one?  What does it say about me if I choose the lime green tampon?  That I am fun and perky?  And who in God's name gets to see my fun tampon?

Are the bright cheery colors supposed to assuage the emotional rage, high-carb cravings, and mono-like symptoms that are associated with your monthly gift?

Another tagline "Later dullsville.  Hello, different."  Idiots. 

The brand manager and ad agency shood be fired.  No wait, punched and then fired.

(PS - the Tampax ad with Serena Williams & Mother Nature...MUCH BETTER at delivering what we need!)