Gallery Wall: Part One

I probably need to do an entire series of posts on gallery walls in my house.  As I look around, I am noticing a lot of art clusters -- some symmetrical, some not.  Some spontaneous, others painstakingly toiled with. However, for this particular post I'm going to talk about the gallery wall in my living room that I hung all by myself.  No, seriously I did.  Really, not kidding.  I followed the mad skills of Janell over at Isabella and Max Rooms.  (Although, hers still looks better).

The funny thing is I started at about 7:30 PM the night before my sister's baby shower for the triplets.  You know, when there were 4,943,094,039 other things to do?  What can I say, I work best under pressure.

I laid everything done on brown craft paper just like Janell.   I futzed and shimmied and maneuvered until I landed here:

I should probably switch a few things around.  I have too many small frames at the top.  But right now I think I will sit and ponder.

Here are some shots of the items up close.

The frame above houses the postcard I bought at Ground Zero a few years ago. I love it.


Thoughts?  Any haters out there?