Randoms upon my Return.

It's hard to stay away from this lil' place.  But, I'm back. I attended Deea's funeral mass where they captured her life lessons.  Now, this hangs above my desk to remind me to enjoy and not toil. 

I've taken some photos of the kids who are now camping with the in-laws (allowing me to sleep until 9:00 am on the holiday weekend.  Shameful).

I've painted some stuff. Pix to come.

The Diva started first grade and LOVES it.  


I held a girls night on Friday for Willow House Southern Living. I have 25 pounds of food left.  I overdo it every time.

I'm getting together a few posts about playdate cards, my trip to South Carolina/Savannah and some other general stuff.

I giggled when I read this post.

Mostly, I am trying to look at my hobbies (such as writing this blog and doing projects) as FUN TO DO, versus MUST DO (and must accomplish on some sort of schedule).  We will see how that goes, but I do have a completely new perspective.