Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

The Diva just turned 6.  SIX.  Seis. For her birthday party theme, she decided she wanted her friends to come pick up trash around the neighborhood.   Hmmm, what to do with THAT...

So, we had an Eco-Friendly Green Birthday party!

(Please ignore the OSU tat....)

I couldn't imagine strapping an orange jumpsuit on the kids and marching them up and down the highway.  And, after I contacted our local park, I was reminded by a few folks that they are pretty pristine.  So, we turned to our own backyard with our own (highly-cleaned) recyclables.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the recyclable scavenger hunt, but I couldn't run the game and manage the camera at the same time.

We had water bottles (BPA-free -- well, I hope...) labeled with the kids'  names so they could add lemonade (recycled rain water) when they ran out.  I can't imagine the money I saved from juice boxes.  Not to mention avoiding one of my biggest pet peeves -- finding loads of half-empty juice boxes.  I don't know why, but that drives me CRAZY.

We also went with ceramic plates ($1 each) and REAL silverware (very cheap at Wal-Mart).  Plus, real napkins that I don't think a single one of the kids used.

The napkins would have come in use after the Earth Worm aperitif!


 Goody bags (of course, no photo) were reusable grocery bags with a cute little green earth on them ($.99 each).

Guests brought recyclables to the party and also had their gifts wrapped in newspaper.  One guest even admitted that her gift of Justice perfume was just a second bottle she had lying around at home.  I am sure her mother would NOT have wanted her to disclose that, but hey -- it was recycled!

The centerpiece was a last-minute project that looked like shit and could have been done by a 1-year-old.  But, it was free...and recycled.

The cake.  I always put a big emphasis on the cake.  And, I was sorely disappointed.  I have been buying my cakes from a local shop for a while now.  But,  I am starting to get annoyed by the rude customer service and the BAD cake decorating.  I am on the lookout for a crafty at-home cake maker!

So, that's it.  The Eco-friendly birthday party of the Diva.  I have to admit...this one was a lot of fun to create!