Calling Cards for the wee ones

I feel like my posts are getting fewer and far between. I actually have a few projects that are done and can be posted, but I am just - UGH - I don't know... so unfocused. However, here is one little gem that I wanted to share cuz I dig them.

The Diva often invites herself to other's houses for play-dates. It's a habit we are trying HARD to break, but occasionally it still happens. And, when my kids want to invite someone over to our house, I never have a piece of paper on hand to scribble down my email (emails PLEASE....I am so weird about talking on the phone. I think it is because I am nearly deaf in one ear and can barely hear out of the other one).

Enter the play-date cards I ordered from Lollipop cards.

How cute are these? I ordered one tin but got a mix of some for the Diva and some for Grand Slam. I chose the birds for the Diva and the Sock Monkey for Slammy. Each card has their name, but my email address and phone number (blurred here for the purposes of keeping stalkers at bay...).  I love them.

Now, to be honest, I haven't given out a single card... yet. I am not sure if it is because they are too cute to part with or if I have already connected with half the kids in the neighborhood; however, I am waiting for the day that I can pass one of these over with pride!


Head over to Krystina's shop or her blog, Scrapbook Society. (Although I am not a scrapbooker, we both share a love of fonts!).