A SNM Christmas, brought to you by Picnik

I am following the lead of some other bloggers across the interwebs by displaying my holiday decor. First, I was a little ba-hum bug about ye olde Christmas decor this year.  Not sure what is was, but according to my Facebook friends, it appears to be an epidemic this year.  Recession depression?

Anyhoo , I took a couple of photos of what I DID decorate and then, on some, played around with the editing tools on Picnik in an attempt to boost their visual appeal.  Not sure I succeeded...

Picnik is a great (free...unless you upgrade) online tool for editing photos.  I have to say it is definitely more user-friendly than Photoshop Elements.  Try it out.   

My Tree.  I could bore you with specific ornaments and their history.  But I won't.

Reindeer hastily placed on top of Moss Balls.  Genius.

My mantel with some cool editing.

Poor camera focus.  Again, genius.

Ornaments strung from a chandelier.  Not sure what effect this is in Picnik.  It might be called "accidental."

Reindeer admiring a dusty magnolia ball.

So there you go.  Quite possible the most boring Christmas decor post you have ever encountered!

Any genius Christmas decor ideas you'd like to share?  Spill it!