SNM 2010: A Year in Review

The lovely Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a Top Projects 2010 par-tay so I thought I would recap the Top 10 of SNM for you here.

1. The Red Painted Trophies. This seemed to be a favorite of the SNM readers.  Easy, cheap, and made an impact.

2. The Big Boy Bed. Even though when I try to exit out of the bed at 11:30 p.m. and try NOT to wake Grand Slam due to the squeaking, I really love how this bed turned out with the red paint.  Again, cheap, somewhat time consuming, yet impactful.

3. Painted cheap-*ss file cabinet. Free except for the knobs.  I mean, seriously...anyone can do this.  In addition, it annoys me less.  That's a bonus!

4. Barrettes  Holder Frame. Easy.  Seems to be a hot commodity based on what folks search for here at SNM.  I made another for my niece Hope that took me about 8 months, but it was because I improvised...and failed.

5. Gallery Wall. Done on a moments notice and still needs to be tweaked.  I don't want to rush it. However, it does bug me.  Reminds me of the four other gallery type walls about which I could post.

6. Guest Room Dresser. Fun.  I like this one.  I think it is hard to tell the difference in the photos, but I really love the light greenish color and the knobs.

7. Kitchen Hardware. I didn't really do the heavy lifting on this one beside ordering all the knobs, returning the rejects, and then still wondering if I made the right decision.  Trust me, I still debate over whether or not I picked the right hardware.

8. Bench Redo. Easy. Cheap ($45). But I sometimes look at it and think I could add a little more depth to it.

9. Louis Chair Redo I sort of feel the same way with the chair as I do the bench.  It doesn't seem finished to me.  I am thinking about adding a little more gray and distressing.  Yeah?

10. IKEA Lazy Susan Hack So easy I could have done this pre-LASIK with my eyes closed.  And, it has actually come in handy.

Things that I did that never were posted.... yet:

  • Another Ikea Hack -- spray painted the Molnig chandelier
  • Painted my front door to blend better with the house
  • Painted the kids bathroom with some cute knobs
  • Started some min projects in the master bedroom
  • The kids art gallery wall
  • A new paver patio!
  • The Diva’s $10 mirror

Thanks to all of you who visited in 2010!  It's been a fun year.  Special thanks to my top commentors -- Angie, Beth, Jen, Jane & Sally!!