DIY Door Wreath Trio

I wonder if I offended some with my last post?  Crickets. Anyway, I saw this image via Pinterest and loved it.  Wanted to attempt it myself.

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  • 9" (I think) wreaths from Michael's.  I think these are too big.  Next time, I'd go smaller.
  • 4" thick wired ribbon
  • 3 3M Command strips
  • Twist Ties

Of course, you can read how Martha did it, but there was a hammer, nails, and fishing line mentioned and maybe some basic algebra.

Here is what I did:

  1.  Cut the long length of ribbon
  2. Tacked it down with a glue dot
  3. Trim the bottom into a little inverted V
  4. Fake the wrap around -- take more ribbon, wrap it around the top of each wreath and secure with a twist tie
  5. Figure out your spacing (note, I do know that my top wreath is WAY too high.  I was going to fix it on a daily basis for about 2 weeks until I said screw it).
  6. Cut a slit in the long length of ribbon
  7. Adhere your Command strip beneath the slit
  8. Hang your wreaths
  9. Add a topper of some sort to the top wreath
  10. Beat yourself up on your horrible math skills and spacing issues on a daily basis until you just give in to imperfection *
* This step is completely optional

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How to Do Hollywood Regency on the Cheap

Your grandma's Fort Lauderdale condo artwork from 1985 (courtesy of a consignment store for $3.00)

Plus, my lame attempt at a subdued-hued Kate Spade water color:

Equals a lil bit of Hollywood Regency.

(excuse the bad camera phone photo on the unstyled bar cart)

Kelly Wearstler would likely spit on me, but hey -- I actually like it.  Thoughts?

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My First IKEA Hack.

I have officially joined the ranks of IKEA hackers.  

I started with the SNUDDA lazy Susan for $8.   Why is it called the SNUDDA and not the "Lata Signe?"


Anyway,   I tossed on a primer when I was doing the guest room dresser.  Which, yes, I know...I need to post the finished product.  

Then, I spray painted a little ivory paint, traced a 4 (my favorite number as well as the number of members in the SNM household), and painted it with some acrylic paint.

After that, I aged it with some glaze and then sanded with the power sander. (I am addicted to this tool.  I wish it had to power to erase freckles and age spots, but it just gave me a really bad road rash).



Here is sits.  Ready to have a Star Wars action figure go spinning and pull about 3Gs.  (I know this since I tested it on my sister's Dolly Parton Barbie back in the day). 

I'd love to say that this baby is going to make access to the salt and pepper easier.  But, I know it will just end up being the source for some childhood naughtiness and thus a lot of yelling.

PS:  Yes, I know the last picture is out of focus.  Sorry.  It's late and SNM is beat.


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A Fix for Odd Frame & Matte Sizes

Remember this post about all the $3.00 frames I bought?  I was so happy until I tried to find something that would FIT the frames....Neither the frames nor the mattes are standard sizes!  UGH. But then, I ran across some brilliance at Bryn's blog.   She simply placed her art OVER the hole in the matte.  Brilliance... seriously.

Enter a download from BibliOdyssey, an enlargement at the local copy place (for $.50), some spray adhesive, and Voila!  Cheap Art.  Now, it did sort of sink in the previous matte on the left side...

Now, here it sits patiently waiting to find its place in my home.

What do you think?

Circus Banners!

I have put off writing this post -- mostly because I started off snapping lots of photos with the intention of making this into a tutorial.  See, I read a lot of blogs -- many of which have intense photojournalistic-style tutorials filled with photos and in-depth text and what not.  Here's the sitch: for some,  the blog is their JOB. So they have time to do that sh*t.  I don't.  So, I constantly try to keep up with these professionals only to have my corporate job, my life, AND my ADD get in the way. Sorry for the therapy outbreak.

Circus Banners!  This how-to is really courtesy of my gals at Bloomsbury Loft.  My sister and I attended a class there and made our own little banners.  I decided to make one for my god-daughter Isabella for her NEW room and her 6th birthday.   So, here is my 30-second tutorial (after the 5 minute therapy session). Note: there are a lot of photos and first...and then NONE.  You may have to use your imagination!

1. Gather your fabric.  Mix it up, sisters -- they don't have to match perfectly!


2. Get some "Double Wide Bias Tape" in whatever color you choose

3. Make yourself a template out of a rigid material (cardboard).  I had 2 triangles from my class: one was 9" and the other was 5".  If you ask me if it was an isosceles, acute, or obtuse triangle, I don't know.  Let's move on.

4. Cut out your triangles and coordinate your patterns.  Again, mix it up!


5. Pin the smaller triangle to the larger one

6. Unfold the bias tape and pin your triangles inside.  Note, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TUCKED UP AS FAR AS POSSIBLE IN THE BIAS TAPE!  Including the CORNERS!  I learned this the hard way after I sewed everything and the corners slipped out and the smaller triangles came loose. 

7. Sew along the bias tape -- I would do this as close to the bottom edge as possible. 

8. Make a little loop at each end of the bias tape as sew it together.

9. Email me if you need more info.


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DIY Frame for Hair Barrettes

Over Christmas, I went shopping with my sisters & mom and we stopped at this cute little boutique in Shreveport. They had amazing clothes, gifts and art for children — you know, Beatles T-shirts for $1.2 million dollars and the such. I saw a frame with ribbons attached for the purpose of managing one of the many banes of my existence…little girl hair accessories. This cute frame came in at a whopping $70. You could even see the batting on the back, which made me guess it was homemade. Just like my mom, I uttered the motto of most cheapskates: “I could do that!”

And, I did. Here is my version, lovingly made for my goddaughter Isabella.


1. Take a cheap frame — perhaps one where the glass broke 2. Grab some batting 3. Grab some fabric 4. Grab your stapler gun 5. Cut the batting to the same size as the frame back (I didn’t do this on mine and wish I had as there was a lot of bulk to wrap around the frame). Stick it on with spray adhesive or fabric glue. 6. Cut your fabric about an 1″ bigger than the frame back. Wrap it around and staple that bad boy (save the corners for last and do some nice folded hospital corners) 7. Align your ribbon and staple away 8. Plop it back it 9. Have your wee one stick her barrettes on it 10. Sit back, drink some wine, and enjoy


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Painting with Wee Ones

Here is a little post about arts & crafts at the SNM household.  Now, full disclaimer here:  I like to be creative and I like to instill that into my children.  Truth.  Another truth:  I am anal-retentive and get REALLY nervous when kid-stuff can splatter, stain, etc.  Point in case -- Playdough.  I HATE Playdough. It is messy and crumbly and I have to dig it out of my woven kitchen chairs with a toothpick lest any guest  leave the house with a chartreuse worm stuck to their backside.  I have decided that Playdough is best as a summer activity outdoors (although I swear, I still find it in the grass...which still seems annoying).

WHEW.  Ok, so we painted last weekend.  Grand Slam was a temperamental little artiste because I wouldn't let him create with his medium of choice (lumps of paint in water). 


The Diva started out pretty happy with her Rainbow


but then turned into her perfectionist self when it came time to the tiger.  Now, I don't have a picture of the tiger -- but I need to take it and post it.  Seriously, it is Van Gogh at 5 years old.  She didn't make a single circle or outline and then fill it in as most 5 yr olds would....she actually only used brush strokes of brown and orange -- I kid you not!

Do you have any advice on making family craft time less stressful?  I would love to hear it!

DIY Lovelies

I am so amazed at the DIY-ers there are out in blog land.   I will go online to search one simple thing and HOURS later,  I awake from this blacked-out state not knowing what sites I have been to or where my kids are, but DAMN do I have some good ideas.  Which, of course,  just perpetuates my sense of anxiety and steals my focus.  Anyhoo, if you are in the craft/sewing/creating mood, check out DIY day at a Soft Place to Land.  I added the link to my little monogrammed frame that my sister-in-law claims to love (ha!) for a little DIY par-tay over there touting her new sponsor,     I need to check out that site and see if, in fact, it lives up to its name.   I like to look at all the little sewing projects that people claim are easy.  If I don't end up stabbing my sewing machine with sharp shearers or tossing the bobbin across the room then I would chalk it up as easy/a success.   I am going to learn to love that machine, damn it! 



DIY Arts & Crafts

I finally got around to snapping some shots of stuff I have created on my own or with the help of my husband.  (For those that aren't aware, my husband is like Norm Abrams but H-O-T.  Oh yeah, and younger).  Seriously, he has some mad skilz when it comes to all things wood and power tools.   Enjoy!

A little canvas wall hanging for my friend's daughter's first birthday.  I think this looks like crap, but it was my first project.

emma art
emma art

My little painting for my was supposed to match her bedding.  

HAS painting
HAS painting

Matching stools for the Diva and Grand Slam.  I would like to make more of these, but I need to find some better stools.  See, these were clearly marked "For Decorative Purposes Only" but I overlooked that.  My children are now trained to stand on their respective letter or else...DANGER.  We have a lot of falls on these things, but hell -- they look good don't they?!


My little Cow and Dog paintings for my youngest niece.  My hubby created the frames.

Dog & Cow
Dog & Cow

My sister commissioned me  to paint the Cow & Dog to match this quilt:


3 years later, my niece instructed my sister  that the cow all of a sudden scares her.  Sigh.  I tried to paint a happy cow?!?!

And the piece de la resistance...the table the hubby made in one weekend for our niece/God-daughter.  It took me about a year to paint.  And then four months to poly.  But, alas it is complete and is being used in the same room as the horrifying heifer (see above).